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The magic of

Land of
the Dolomites

You will never find the name Ladinia on a geographic map... Hidden behind the imposing mountain ridges, this land with its own language and culture seems to be that fairy-tale kingdom of "Far Far Away", where the powerful magic of the nature has created breath-taking landscapes that evoke the stories of dragons, dwarfs, elves and other incredible creatures. This land never stops surprising and enchants forever anyone who happens to see its fabulous beauty.
  • The summertime
    in Alta Badia

    During the summer, the Dolomites offer many chances to experience nature and to practice sports and outdoor activities. The town of La Villa offers a wide range of excursions (both demanding and...
  • The winter
    in Alta Badia

    The Valley of Alta Badia is located in the heart of the Dolomites and is, thanks in large part to its central position, the perfect starting point for many winter activities. A ski holiday in La...