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for families

Alta Badia is the perfect destination
for families who love the mountains

Alta Badia valley offers many possibilities to spend the most beautiful time of the year with your family. During the summer holidays, you have a wide choice of many excursions in the vicinity of La Villa. There are numerous adventure parks, lakes and museums, and all this is presented in the fascinating mountain landscape of the Dolomites.

There are many activities - for adults and children, for instance: you can visit the "Movimënt" parks on the plateaus at 2,000 meters above the sea level, the adventure park with suspension pathways and bridges, lake and environmental habitats, and fitness trails.

In addition, Alta Badia also offers a "Summer for Kids" animation program, allowing children aged 4 and over to spend time playing and having fun with their peers. The diversity of the animation includes excursions, sports activities, team games, treasure hunts, and barbecues.
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